Quality Policy

Our state-of-the-art Innovation and Technology have been the key features behind to make T-RMC a success. For   us, product development and its quality has been our prime concern. We focus on quality and its process innovation and improvement. As a part of the 'value', T-RMC deploys expert quality systems to manage the mix design, the quality of raw materials and the cube test results.

T-RMC has simple solution to your needs and requirement. With our up-to-date equipment, like concrete pump, concrete batching plant and transit mixer, we come up with robust and quality results. Right from production to marketing, Tantia has always been concerned about its resources, products and delivery. In fact quality assurance plays a very important role in T-RMC's manufacturing process. The RMC Division is committed to satisfy its clientele by delivering top-notch products through hi-tech industrial practice and advanced technological edge. This entire procedure is backed by trained, responsive and highly experienced team abiding by the regulatory and statutory requirements.

Over the years, our team’s in-depth knowledge and practice in all areas of concrete technology have introduced various products like:

      Temperature Controlled Concrete
      High Density Concrete
      Fiber Reinforced Concrete

There have also been special types of concrete as per the recent market scenario. Here are few that have changed from the usual concrete mixes to highgrade concrete. They are as follows:

      High performance concrete
      Fly ash concrete
      Self Compacting Concrete
      High Strength Concrete
      Coloured Concrete
      VDF(Vacuum Dewatered Flooring) Concrete
      Screed Concrete