Manufacturing Process


T-RMC focuses only on fresh cement directly obtained from the modern cement plants. We use Raw Materials and assure quality results to our clients. All our services are based on advanced technology and our constant quality monitoring services with high precision makes us different from others. The freshly manufactured cement, which is obtained from the cement plants is mainly through the cement bulkers/bags. This in turn is being pumped/delivered directly into our cement silos/cement godown thereby protecting the freshly made cement from the external environment.

Coarse Aggregates

With unmatched products and services, T-RMC has developed its huge clientele relationships. We directly source the aggregates picked from the best, approved and selected suppliers. To reduce pollution all the coarse aggregates are washed before they are going in to production. As per the IS stipulations, we ensure that the test of the aggregates is done at regular intervals. This is required to maintain the following:

      Crushing value and impact value test
      Size, shape and gradation (flakiness/elongation test)

Fine Aggregate

When it comes to quality sand and fine aggregate, we purchase only from the selected and authorized suppliers. As per the IS stipulations the sand gets tested at every intervals for:

      Silt content
      Gradation for fine quality modulus
      Moisture content


T-RMC believes in serving quality product and service throughout. Our manufacturing process includes quality test of water based on the BIS standards. This is done at regular intervals and any in case if the water requires treatment, we use up-to-date water purifiers to do the needful.

Mineral Admixtures

In T-RMC plants, it is found that the mineral admixtures are acquired from verified sources compliant with the relevant BIS standards. We use state-of-the-art facilities for the purpose of collection, transport and storage thereby avoiding pollution from environment or any other mediums.

Chemical Admixtures

When it comes to T-RMC plants, the premium quality admixtures are being used in concrete at the time of mixing. This improves certain features of the fresh concrete like workability and its setting time. The admixtures are sourced directly from the renowned companies and are prepared for testing with cement for compatibility before use.

Workability of concrete

Here, the workability is entirely controlled via scientific methods with the help of right quantity of mixtures. The workability of concrete is measured for each batch in order to facilitate proper pumping and transportation.

Batching and Mixing

As per the relevant industry standards, we use computer-aided technology to carry out the entire process of batching and mixing. The entire mixing is prepared through highly efficient and fully automated mixers. This kind of treatment ensures a consistent and top quality product in every batch.

Our System

We use SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system in all our Batching Plants which is fully computerized and needs no manual intervention. Our concrete recipes are full proof and cannot be tampered. The same is being monitered and controlled from our Corporate Office without any manual intervention.

All our Plants are under CCTV surveillance for better monitoring and administration.